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To provide free education to children who are underprivileged.

Our NGO motive is to create a well aware and educated society. So we are providing free education to kids who belongs from slum area and who are underprivileged. As we all know the importance of education in our daily life and how important to be educated. Children who are poor or underprivileged mostly work for their living, they are not able to get education because of their poverty. Everybody in our country has right to education. It’s very important to provide education to kids so we can secure our future generation and also it will help for development for our country. For that we are running a program in which we are providing free education and mid-day meal to kids who are underprivileged. We have one goal in our mind is to create a society where all are educated and self-dependent. 

To provide employment to widows and improve women empowerment in INDIA

With an aim to create society a better place for woman we are providing employment to widows who are facing difficulties in their living. As we all know it’s very difficult to survive without employment in this modern era. For that we are running a program in which we are providing work to widows so they can earn money for their survival. We are also running a program in which we supports women empowerment. As we all know about the situations of today. Women are facing very much trouble in our country. We all have heard about the cases of misbehaving, harassment, eve teasing, rape etc. We are trying to empower women and providing support to those women who are facing all these situations. We believe in equality so we are spreading knowledge about importance of women and their rights so together we all can make a better world for women. 

To provide vocational training to special kids

We are running a program in which we provide vocational training to special kids. As we all know there are many schools and branches where education is provided to special kids but after age of 15 or 16 no school entertain them and the kids forgot all what they learned in school. So here in our NGO we have opened a vocational training center for special kids. Here we are teaching them how to work and earn. We are teaching them skills like printing press*, broom making*, herbal color making*, etc. So they will become self-dependent and can earn money for their living. We are also giving employment to them so they can learn as well as earn too.


  • To provide Vocational Training to Special kids. 
  • To provide free Education to underprivileged kids. 
  • To provide employment to widows and improve women empowerment in India. 

We need a wide number of big supporters helping our NGO to grow.


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Pooja Malik

Chief Executive Officer


We have a done a survey for Women Empowerment at a village in Sohna, GuruGram. On International Women's Day, we have observed that in the village areas mostly women are not aware about the Aids, its causes, its symptoms and its cautions, so the volunteers of our NGO have decided to organise an event of awareness at Sohna Ward No-4, with this step we think women of these areas would awake and can take care of their health and can save themselves and their loved ones future.


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